• Hello everybody !! Welcome to our new website !!
  • “NO SMOKE” is a band from Amsterdam/Netherlands. The band plays originals. Their music is mostly like rock, rock-pop, country and blues. We are now preparing for releasing our new album which called “NO SMOKE, no mirrors !!” As well as new album, this website is also still under construction. We are building up more and we are going to open webshops. Many things is gonna coming up soon !! Thanks for the waiting !! (01 July 2021)
  • 11 November, Franklin Majid birthday.
  • 13 February, Kevin Chapman birthday.
  • 25 February, Rei Satoshi birthday.
  • 3 March, Johnny Contini birthday.
  • It’s been a long time. We had to wait time for our new album releasing until covid-19 regulation had changed. The official releasing is not yet, but our new album is already available on our web-shop. At this moment payment is possible only by pay-pal. But we set up ideal and credit card soon. We keep on informing what is updated. (14-03-2022)
  • NO SMOKE name card (14-03-2022)
  • New album is already on our web-shop. At this moment payment is only by Pay-Pal. Credit card, ideal will be setup soon ! (16-03-2022)
  • ideal, credit card and pay-pal are activated. (24-03-2022)
  • Pre release :: start selling only on web-shop (02-04-2022)
  • Temporary stop payment system with credit card. (09-04-2022)
  • System confirmed with Pay-Pal and ideal (11-04-2022)
  • CD official release (01-06-2022) 15 euro
  • NO SMOKE post card (06-06-2022)
  • SumUp = set up payment by pincode (11-06-2022)
  • NO SMOKE T-shirts on sale (11-06-2022) 20 euro
  • “Here Comes The Summer” official video released (01-09-2022)
  • “Sitting Pretty” official video released (30-11-2022)
  • No Smoke – no mirrors on Spotify (23-03-2022)
  • Website updated (11-04-2023)

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